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Q: How long have you been writing?

A: For as long as I can remember. I started out by writing mystery stories until I discovered the Historical Romance genre. I do plan to add additional genres to my book list at some point, so you might find some gothic novels, romantic suspense, and even mystery in the future. 

Q: What's your personality in person?

A: By Myers-Briggs standards, I'm an INTJ, if that helps. 

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: Mostly from the people I meet and the places I visit. When I meet someone, I often wonder about their story. My characters are never based on a single person, but rather a combination of people I've met. Places I visit definitely inspire me. I travel often to capture the feel of places accurately, and in doing so, am always moved by new places I see along the way. 

Q: How long does it take you to write one book?

A: Each book is different, and it depends on how you define the start and end of "writing." I spend weeks and months mulling over plot points, character personalities, dialogue, locations, and so forth. By the time I sit down to write, I've already brainstormed and outlined most of the book. 

Q: Will you write prequels and sequels?

A: Sometimes. The Enchantresses, for instance, will definitely have prequels and sequels, but they'll be some time in coming. I plan to have several story series out before I revisit this series. The children of the heroes and heroines in The Enchantresses series will certainly all have their own stories, and I'd love to do a gothic tale or two for Tobias and Catherine. 

Q: Will I see characters from this book in other books?

A: While there is certainly more than one series and plenty of standalone books to come, you will see characters appear here and there throughout all of my books, sometimes as a quick mention and other times as an important secondary character. While it won't be evident right away, I've created a world based on these and future characters. The world you see in one series is the same as in another, so the couple you see in one is alive and well in another and just might attend the same party, know the same people, or have a role to play in that book. 

Q: How can I read an excerpt of your upcoming books?

A: Definitely join my mailing list, as I will include excerpts in the monthly newsletter. Also, follow me on social media, as I post excerpts there, as well, from time to time. Asking me on social media is the best way, though. If you're interacting as a reader and a fan, and you want to see a glimpse of a book that's slated to come out soon, just ask me! I'll be more than happy to post a sneak peek just for you!

Q: How do you decide which characters will have their own book in a series?

A: Some writers may have this planned out from the beginning, but I don't! I start out with a single book idea and expect that book to be a standalone. While crafting character backstories and personalities, some of them begin standing out more than others, practically screaming to me to have their own book because they have a tale to tell. Surprisingly, I also like the challenge of writing a story about a character I might not initially like while writing another book. Perhaps they're a tad villainous in a book. What a challenge to get to know them so well that I end up sympathizing with them, as might the reader.

Q: How do you decide the order of books in a series?

A: Timeline. I may want to have one character's story come next, but since their story takes place 5 years in the future, it might seem a bit strange to have their story come next, followed then by a character's story that takes place only a year after Book 1. Is this the best way to approach the order? I've no idea! But it makes sense, so that's how I've decided. I only hope that readers give every character a chance or at least return for the character they like best. Each book in a series should stand on its own without spoilers to the other books in the series, so a reader could skip a book easily. I hope readers will give everyone a chance, though! They might be surprised to like a character they hadn't expected to like. I think this will happen in The Sirens series (coming late 2019), as Book 2 will be about the villain from Book 1. I use villain with caution, as she's not a villain, but she is certainly likely to be disliked in Book 1 and will also get in between our hero and heroine. 

How to Ask Questions

Q: How can I ask you a question or have my question featured on the website?

A: You have plenty of options! Have a question about publishing, writing, books, me, or whatever, then you can click on the Contact tab and send me a message, click on the Author tab and post a comment, or follow me on social media and ask me a question directly on the page or in a private or direct message. Depending on the question, I might answer it directly, post the Q&A on social media, and/or post it here in the FAQs, especially if it's a question I've received more than once (hence the name--frequently asked questions).  

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