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Etiquette: Paying Calls

A few rules for paying calls

How are we to meet our hero if Mr. Bennet won't call on Mr. Bingley?

The graphic provided offers a few rules on the etiquette of paying calls.

  • All calls received must be returned within one week

  • In the countryside, neighbours must call on a new resident first, but in town, a new resident can call first

  • Refreshments are expected but not tea

  • Gentlemen should be the first to call, then introduce their wife and daughters

  • Calls should not exceed 15 minutes

  • In town, social inferiors cannot initiate a call, but they can in the country

This list of calling etiquette is just a teaser. For more details, including the etiquette of using calling cards, visit my research post on Calling Cards & Social Calls

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