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Fashion: Banyans

A glimpse at the rise in fashion of the banyan

What would our hero (or heroine) wear while at home? The banyan!

The banyan was so common as leisure, informal dress, it was popular to be painted in one's banyan. Beneath this wrapping gown, the gentleman would be dressed in his breeches/trousers, shirt and waistcoat, and stockings, but would most likely have slippers and even a cap for the ultimate at-home relaxation.

While our modern bath/evening robes tie around the waist, the Georgian era banyan was worn loose. A gentleman (or lady) could have their banyan customized to be fitted, buttoned, and/or tied at the waist, but the most common style was voluminous and loose, sleeves and opening both.

Check out this lovely post from Fashion History Timeline:


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