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Fashion: Riding Dress

Characteristics of the fashionable riding habit

The gentlemen’s riding wear featured a frock coat with waisted cut and knee-length tail. Beneath would be the waistcoat, the shirt, the cravat, just as in daily wear. Buckskin breeches with top boots would be worn rather than satin breeches and pumps.

The riding habit for women was developed in the 17th century, designed similarly to men’s riding attire and military dress, complete with braiding and frog fastenings. The style remained much the same, aside from subtle differences, all the way through the Regency. Unlike walking gowns, the skirt had a train to ensure ankles would remain covered while riding. The train could be looped over the arm or secured to the skirt for walking or making calls. Half-boots were the common choices, never tall like the gentlemen’s boots.

Both would sport a hat/bonnet and kid gloves.

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