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A Sirens Novel Book 1

A Counterfeit Wife

by Paullett Golden

Maid to Marchioness

Trevor Gaines, the Marquess of Pickering, falls in love with his wife. The catch? The woman is an impostor. Desperate for money, he arranges a fast marriage with the wealthiest dowry in England. Not until after the wedding does he realize he married the wrong woman.

J’non Butler is a maid accompanying her mistress for an arranged marriage. When her mistress elopes with another man, J’non marries the marquess, posing as the man’s contracted bride.


This is the love story of Trevor and J’non as they defy convention and find passion in their bed of lies.

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Closed-Door Romance: Sensual flirtation between married couple, light kissing, subtle references to marital intimacy, fade to black wedding night, clean language except one instance of d*mn, no angst.


Themes & Triggers: Passing implications to homelessness, adultery, and suicide.

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Tropes: Maid, Mail-Order Bride, Ugly Duckling, Fairytale, Mistaken Identity, Puppy Supporting Character, Yorkshire Moors Setting, Reserved Hero


Romance Genre: Drama

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2023 Readers Favorite 5 Star Rating

2023 Reader Views 5 Star Editorial


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Review Highlights

"A Counterfeit Wife is gorgeous, breathtaking storytelling at its finest. The most beautiful part of this book is the inner journeys both characters embark on. The plot is hauntingly beautiful; both Trevor’s and J’non’s pasts pulled at my heartstrings.  I love how this book has outstanding, memorable moments where the characters come to a crossroads and choose to alter their lives for the better. This romance is parts gritty and gut-wrenching and also full of promise and love. The romance builds slowly, yet this is a page-turner.  The imagery and poeticism Paullett Golden weaves are magical! This book is for lovers of an intricate romance with complex characters and heart-wrenching storylines, and of course, an unforgettable happily ever after!"

-Jenna of Reading Rebel Reviews

"I always find this author’s works to be filled with complex and interesting characters as well as plots that shy away from the cookie-cutter version offered in so many HR novels. This book definitely follows that rule and I loved meeting J’non Butler and Trevor Gaines who are, indeed, very interesting characters. While their journey to love is straightforward and lovely, their journey to a HEA has a very large obstacle across the path."

-Barbara of Flippin' Pages

"First of all I love Trevor! He is such a grumpy guy in the beginning but then he opens up and is very caring and loving and happy. Not only does he care for his wife but for his people. He takes on all responsibility when tragedy happens to his people even goes as far as thinking it’s his fault. J’non is a great character too, she loves her husband and does all she can to help him. I loved watching their relationship grow. I also really liked Gunner the dog!"

-Melissa of Christian Books and Coffee

"I’ve been reading Golden since the very beginning of her Enchantresses series and she never fails to impress me! Usually it is the complexity of her characters and the beautiful romances that blossom under her pen that leave me swooning. Here though, readers are treated to a mistaken identity romance that is bracketed with scenes boasting the meticulously researched social customs and typical agricultural and architectural practices of the time. Readers that enjoy a clean (no steam), smartly plotted, thoroughly researched historical romance will love this!"

-Alana of Dream Come Review

"What a delightful tale that promises true love will conquer all. Stories like A Counterfeit Wife by Paullett Golden give me hope that all will turn out well in the end and everyone will find the happy ending they deserve. This story made me believe in true love again. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a lovely historical romance."

-Antoinette of Readers Favorite

"When I first lost myself in the pages of A Counterfeit Wife, I had been dealing with absolutely too much reality. But reality faded away as Golden's carefully crafted world and compelling characters drew me into their riveting story. Something I greatly appreciate of Golden is how well she knows her time period. She weaves antique idioms and vocabulary to add that extra layer of a well-researched book. It is after all, the little things that build up a time period. Golden shines in her genre as an expert in history and romance. 

In conclusion, if you want to go back in time, live without reality, and fall in love, A Counterfeit Wife is a must read."

-Kylee of The Quirky Quill

"It is a beautifully and creatively written, well-organized, and exceptionally edited book with incredibly interesting characters and a marvelous plot that has enough conflict to keep readers on their toes. Oh, and the resolution is just top-notch."

-Natalia of Reader Views

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