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All Books by Paullett Golden

Series are categorized as "Closed-Door Romance" or "Courtship Romance"

Courtship Romance: 

  • Couples remain in the courtship phase throughout the plot.

  • Light kissing only or no on- or off-page intimacy.

  • Clean language throughout.

Closed-Door Romance:

  • Most couples marry early in the plot.

  • Sensual flirtation may occur with subtle references to marital intimacy.

  • Lightly described kissing only with fade to black for intimate moments.

  • Clean language throughout.

Closed-Door Romance

The Enchantresses

Love, tragedies, and dreams

Category: Drama

The Sirens

Bewitching Songs of Distressed Damsels 

Category: Drama

Courtship Romance

Romantic Encounters

Banbury Tales and Dashing Heroes

Category: Romantic Comedy

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