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The Duke and The Enchantress

by Paullett Golden 

Swirl Golden Romance

An Enchantress Novel Book 2

Some fairy tales begin with the kiss.

Drake Mowbrah, the Duke of Annick, needed a wife. After choosing an acceptable bride, he traps himself in a marriage of convenience and must tap his creativity to woo his frigid wife and fuel her passion. Drake battles scandals, duels, and his own carefully crafted reputation to win her heart.

Charlotte Trethow dreamt of a fairy tale marriage to the perfect man. When she marries the Duke of Annick, all her dreams should have come true, but no one told her happily ever after doesn’t start with wedding bells. Charlotte is thrust into a world with a plotting housekeeper, an interfering despot, and an unconventional husband.

This is the love story of Charlotte and Drake as they turn a marriage of convenience into a fairy tale romance.

Available formats:

(only available in steamy edition)

Closed-Door Romance: Sensual flirtation between married couple, light kissing, subtle references to marital intimacy, fade to black, clean language, high angst.


Themes & Triggers: Social stigmas related to sexuality, implications to homosexuality, low self-esteem, references to tobacco smoking.

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Tropes: Fairytale, Fish out of Water, Marriage of Convenience, Secret Rooms, Roguish Hero, Sabre Duels, Heroine in Breeches, Composer Hero, Mistaken Reputations


Romance Genre: Drama

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Review Highlights

"One of the things I loved in this book was the music. The descriptions of the music, the composing and how passionate the performance and writing of it were.... This is the second book by this author and her writing is smooth and flows easily. "

-Barbara of Flippin' Pages

"I’m pleased with how my impressions changed between the two books; I quite disliked them at times in the first story, so this is a clever turnaround. There’s also a musical sub-plot which works well, particularly with how the author linked it to the whims and fashions of society. It brought an unusual element to this genre."

-Rosie Amber of Rosie Amber Reviews

"The novel is everything you could ever want from a story in this genre while also providing surprising and gratifying thematic depth. What I love about Golden’s books is that while they end in happily ever after, the stories are realistic depictions of the tribulations which we all face before finding happily ever after. It adds a delicate touch of realism the reader appreciates as a break from the traditional romantic novel formula. Ultimately, the novel itself is flawless in it’s presentation and provides the reader with dynamic characters, drama, and steamy well written romantic interludes."

-Jen of Author Esquire

"Delightfully romantic, lusciously sexy: a great read for historical-romance fans…The bride is charming; the groom is strikingly handsome; and the story has a good dose of heat mixed with sweet romance. The plot is well crafted with a good balance of wit and romance. Fans of Golden’s first book in the Enchantress series will be glad to know the real Drake and appreciate Charlotte’s growth as a character. Sebastian, Lizbeth, and Aunt Hazel from the first book also make an appearance in this installment. The incorporation of music, the passion for which leads the couple into a solid love based on a genuine understanding is the best scoring point of the story. A solid read."

-Tina of The Prairies Book Reviews

"Paullett Golden specializes in creating charmingly flawed characters and she did not disappoint in this latest enchantress novel."

-Alana of Dream Come Review

"Drake was deliciously complex. There were so many surprising facets to his character."

-Danielle of No Apology Book Reviews

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