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Romantic Flights of Fancy (Book 2)

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Romantic Choices
by Paullett Golden and Guest Authors

Chloe must choose her future or have it chosen for her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth takes her own scandal to task. In another tale, Sophie covers for a gentleman she thought she could trust. Harrison redefines what it means to be in love, while Ashlyn and Sebastian team together to learn the importance of expressing mutual affection. 


This anthology features several separate works of short fiction: a short story with two endings from which to choose by Paullett Golden, and four stories from guest authors, winners of the short fiction writing contest. Within these pages, you will enjoy the brevity and tease of romance at its peak.

This book, as with the others in the Romantic Flights of Fancy series, is set at printing cost only and can be read in under an hour for that lighthearted read during a flight, train commute, or otherwise. 

Guest authors:

Michelle Helen Fritz

H.J. Palmer

E.A. Shanniak

Ravin Tija Maurice

Abbie Grubb

Available Formats:

Courtship Romance: No physical intimacy, light kissing only, or off-page intimacy only. 

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