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Romantic Flights of Fancy (Book 1)

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Hourglass Romance
by Paullett Golden and Guest Authors

Rosalind accepts the challenge to stay all night in the earl’s haunted castle. Meanwhile, Sofie is sent across the countryside to meet her betrothed, a man she has never met. In another tale, Evelyn falls in love with an unlikely gentleman. Tavish runs late for the wedding, but Simon wins a prize. Henri meets a man of mystery while Maria meets the perfect man.


This anthology features eighteen works of short fiction: fourteen fan favorites by Paullett Golden, as included in the Romantic Encounters series, and four stories from guest authors, winners of the short fiction writing contest. Within these pages, you will enjoy the brevity and tease of romance at its peak.

This book, as with all in the Romantic Flights of Fancy series, is permanently set to .99 in eBook with a free promo set for every 90 days. Paperback and hardcover available at printing cost only. 

Guest authors:

Michelle Helen Fritz

C.A. Leighton

Carla Jo Pimentel 

H.J. Palmer

E.A. Shanniak

Available Formats:

Steam Level 1: No sexual intimacy or off-page intimacy only. 

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