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A Sirens Novel Book 2
Available 2024

A Proposed Hoax

by Paullett Golden

A Proposed Hoax by Paullett Golden

Phoebe Whittington is in exile in Shropshire after a scandal ostracizes her from polite society. She has a plan to remedy her current plight: marry the Earl of Collumby. Full scheme ahead, she will stop at nothing to net him, not even should an irresistible clerk get in her way.

Graeme Lockwood, the Earl of Collumby, has recently inherited from his great uncle, a fact he must keep secret until certain legal details have been sorted. All goes well until a woman arrives claiming to be the betrothed of the Earl of Collumby. The solution to this hitch is simple. Graeme pretends to be the clerk.

This is the love story of Phoebe and Graeme as they plot against each other until love gets in the way.

Steam Level 1: No sexual intimacy or off-page intimacy only. 

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Tropes: Disguised Hero, Redemption, Runaway Bride

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