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Romantic Encounters: An Anthology (Book 3)



A Spark of Romance
by Paullett Golden

Isobel Lambeth and Alistair Trowbridge explore their romantic interests amidst the backdrop of a Gothic satire akin to Northanger Abbey

Behind every hero is a dreamer.

Isobel Lambeth lives in a world of fanciful romance where the hero wins every duel, and the maiden is never locked in the castle's tower long before the daring rescue. Dream becomes reality when a Gothic-inspired mystery involving hauntings and abductions entangles her.

Alistair is preparing to write a new chapter in his life with his ladylove. What he had not planned was his father’s perceived villainy, instigating Isobel's descent into flights of fancy--or is it madness?

Join Isobel and Alistair in this lighthearted Gothic satire as they discover the skeletons behind the locked door, turning adventure into romance.

From second chance romances to mistaken identities, experience A Spark of Romance in this collection of one short novel and twelve bonus flash fiction stories.

Available formats:
Audiobook (coming early September)

Courtship Romance: No physical intimacy, light kissing only, clean language, no angst


Themes & Triggers: Madness, Gothicism (imagined ghost hauntings, mysteries to solve), Multicultural relationships, Miscarriage (brief mention)

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Tropes: Gothic Satire, Opposites Attract, Novelist Heroine, Manor Setting, Sensual Hero, Friends to Lovers


Romance Genre: Romantic Comedy

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2024 Readers Favorite 5 Star Award


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Review Highlights

"This was dreamy and swoony! Ms. Golden sets the stage for one Gothic tale complete with dashing heroes and damsels in distress. With charming banter and family secrets you won't be able to set this aside. My reader heart is overflowing and the smile won't leave my face."

-Michelle Helen Fritz, author of Love At Last

"I thoroughly enjoyed every hour spent reading this book, as it was a delight to read. The characters had me laughing out loud and the mystery kept me on the edge of my seat."

-Amelia Finch, author of The Princess and The Bounty Hunter

"While reading I think the author did a really good job in creating a spooky atmosphere, I felt my heart race from the looming danger in various parts of the novel. There were so many parts of this novel that I just laughed out loud because of the author’s genius writing, and I just loved the dynamics between the characters that made this book quite heartwarming in many places."

-Kiana, bookstagrammer of inda.gador

"Another great installment in this series! I believe Isobel would be my best friend in this little quaint village world that Golden has created. I really love seeing old characters and meeting new ones and getting to know the main characters more. Isobel and Alistair are seriously the sweetest. Isobel's imagination runs away from her and I love it. The stories she makes up while the world spins around her are entertaining. The creative solutions she comes up with for her hero Alistair would be much more interesting than the practical ideas that actually get her out of her funny scenarios."

-Katie, bookstagrammer of katie.bookey

"Golden is a fun writer! I love her use of the relationships with the parents, or lack thereof, and the different points of characters views, forming good ways of dealing with misunderstandings. The included 'flash' fiction is excellent! Highly recommending!"

-RntLuckey, bookseller at Barnes & Noble

"Author Paullett Golden has crafted a delightful literary journey that confidently blends historical romance with Gothic charm, creating a captivating narrative filled with mystery, intrigue, and humor. There’s a wonderful sense of empathy and enthusiasm in the presentation of the characters, as though Golden has brought friends into gorgeous living colors for us to meet them and see their lives play out before us.... The cleverly woven romance tropes offer a satirical tongue-in-cheek feel to the narration that keeps readers engaged until the satisfying conclusion. Overall, A Spark of Romance is a charming and entertaining read that delivers on its promise of romance, adventure, and a touch of whimsy, and I would certainly recommend it."

-KC Finn, reviewer for Readers' Favorites


"I must say that I loved the 12 flash stories at the end. They were like unexpected desserts at the end of a meal, each story exploring themes of second chances or serendipitous connections that sparked a romance. I wouldn’t mind revisiting these. Paullett has done her research on the era she presents, and you can feel it in the descriptions of the mannerisms, architecture, and customs."

-Priya Mathew, reviewer for Readers' Favorites

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