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The Baron and The Enchantress

by Paullett Golden


Lilith Chambers’ quiet life as a parish midwife shatters when the brother thought responsible for her death discovers she's alive and well. Having been raised in an orphanage, she has few memories of her real parentage or the circumstances of her disappearance from the life she ought to have. As she reorients herself in a new life, she meets the one man she can’t have. 

Walter Hobbs, Baron Collingwood, is struggling to assume the mantle of his untimely inheritance. Then he meets Lilith Chambers, the long-lost daughter of the 15th Earl of Roddam. He is struck by love at first sight. She is everything he could ever want in a woman, except for two inconveniences: she is illegitimate, and she wants nothing to do with him.


This is the love story of Walter and Lilith as they discover themselves through each other.

An Enchantress Novel Book 3

Available formats:

(only available in steamy edition)

Closed-Door Romance: Sensual flirtation, light kissing, subtle references to marital intimacy, fade to black, clean language, high angst.


Themes & Triggers: Religious persecution, references to child abuse, illegitimacy and premarital sex

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Tropes: Class Difference, Orphan, Beta Hero, Self-Made Person, Obstinate Heroine, Puppy Supporting Character, Love at First Sight, Grumpy & Sunshine, Beaches & Balls


Romance Genre: Drama

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2019 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award 1st Place in Romance

2020 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award Finalist

2020 American Book Fest Fiction Awards Finalist


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Review Highlights

"'The Baron and the Enchantress' by Paullett Golden easily ranks as one of the best historical romances I have read in some time and I highly recommend it to fans of romance, history and the regency era.  Fabulous reading! exquisite regency romance...a treat to read, for so many reasons. The opening pages promise an entertaining, lively read and Golden does not disappoint. The well-written prose is a delight, the author’s voice compelling readers and drawing them into the story with an endearing, captivating plot and genuine, authentic settings. From the uncompromising social conventions of the era to the permissible attitudes and behaviors within each class, it’s a first-class journey back in time."

-Sheri Hoyte of Reader Views

"It was refreshing to see how the author has used the differences in class in the regency era to show the problems faced by Lilith as she grapples with belonging neither here nor there and in so many ways it holds true even today, resonant with women trying to identify their worth. The change in Walter from the prim and proper ‘not a hair out of place’ gentleman to someone who finds joy gardening or frolicking was lovely to read.
Definitely not a fast paced read but a historical romance story with brilliant writing that will cause some introspection."

-Rainelle of Rain'n'Books

"It is delightfully engaging and filled with endearing characters, humor, heartbreak, and a lovely HEA. It is a well-told, realistic tale. I loved this book.... I definitely recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did."

-Barbara of Flippin' Pages

"If you enjoy a character driven story with a strong romance, I highly recommend."

-Rose of Roses are Blue

"'The Baron and the Enchantress' is a contemplative tale. It's thoughtfulness about issues of social class, birthrights, gender disparities, and city versus country concerns add provocative emotional layers. Strong, complex characterizations, nuanced family dynamics, insightful social commentary, and a vibrant sense of time and place both geographically and emotionally make this a poignant read."

-Cardyn Brooks of InD'Tale

"This is a story filled with doubts and insecurities, family, bloodlines and people’s fear of imperfection. I liked this twist on the rags-to-riches theme."

-Rosie Amber of Rosie Amber Reviews

"True to the realistic world building and intrinsic character building I’ve come to expect from the Enchantress series, the Baron and the Enchantress is quite simply mesmerizing. Golden’s exploration, of the soul, test the characters’ inner resolve to find and claim love ever after. This Taming of the Shrew motif is rooted into self discovery, themes of inner identity, and breaking the archaic mold women of the time period subscribed to be. Matters of the heart are never as easy in Golden’s books as the stereotypical formula of romance novels. This novel sets a high bar and gracefully leaps over the bar, sticking the landing to a perfect ten."

-Jen of Author Esquire

"A riveting historical romance.... Golden’s marvelous third installment in The Enchantresses series builds passionate romance between two people, as they gradually discover themselves through each other. Tightly constructed plotline, profound emotions, and sensuality make The Enchantresses series a must read for historical romance lovers."

-Tina of The Prairies Book Reviews

"Paullett’s writing is Amazing! She makes me feel I am right there in the thick of things. The dialogue, oh the dialogue; it is so witty at times and dripping with sarcasm at other times. The little things, food, flowers, weather, everything works together to make the world come alive.
All in all, the story is so enthralling."

-Mark of Word Refiner

"The chemistry between Lilith and Walter was a delicious spark to a slow burn romance. This isn’t an all-consuming romance, but the realistic pace allowed for plenty of personal growth for both characters alongside their budding romance. The Baron and the Enchantress has romance, passion, angst, and even a dastardly villain mixed together into an engaging story of two flawed individuals trying to find their way in the world and in the process find each other. The cameos of previous couples and characters made this book a joy to read. I can confidently say this is my favorite of the series so far."

-Alana of Dream Come Review

"This was typical Golden (Is it too early to start saying “classic” Golden?)—a well-told, heartfelt story with endearing characters, deep themes, historical detail, bittersweet irony, and humor. Overall, this is a wonderful book."

-Danielle of No Apology Book Reviews

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