The Baron and The Enchantress

by Paullett Golden

The Baron and The Enchantress by Paullett Golden

Lilith Chambers’ quiet life as a parish midwife shatters when the brother thought responsible for her death discovers she's alive and well. Having been raised in an orphanage, she has few memories of her real parentage or the circumstances of her disappearance from the life she ought to have. As she reorients herself in a new life, she meets the one man she can’t have. 

Walter Hobbs, Baron Collingwood, is struggling to assume the mantle of his untimely inheritance. Then he meets Lilith Chambers, the long-lost daughter of the 15th Earl of Roddam. He is struck by love at first sight. She is everything he could ever want in a woman, except for two inconveniences: she is illegitimate, and she wants nothing to do with him.


This is the love story of Walter and Lilith as they discover themselves through each other.

An Enchantress Novel Book 3

Steam Level 2: At least one intimate scene, more sensual than explicit, although could contain direct descriptions. 

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American Fiction Awards Finalist