Available 2021

The Gentleman and The Enchantress

by Paullett Golden

Cuthbert Trethow is in love with the tin mine owner’s daughter. Not only does she not know he exists, but their fathers are sworn enemies. His desire to get close to Elizabeth Teague and his father’s interest in owning the mine coalesce when the elder Mr. Trethow convinces his son to pose as an apprentice under the tutelage of Mr. Teague. 

Elizabeth Teague is smitten with her father’s new apprentice—a witty gentleman of wealth and dashing looks with ambitious political aspirations. Love blossoms until she discovers the truth. Her beloved is plotting a hostile takeover that will ruin her father.

This is the love story of Cuthbert and Elizabeth as they combat social prejudices to win each other’s heart.

© 2018 by Paullett Golden

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