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Romantic Encounters: An Anthology (Book 2)

A Touch of Romance
by Paullett Golden


Despite the odds, two poets manifest their dreams.

His recent appointment as Regius Professor has Jules Knowlton enjoying a life of leisure, one that begins with a writing retreat to stimulate his mind but ends with the unanticipated arousal of his heart. The problem? His newfound ladylove is arranged to marry someone else.   

Leila Owen is a loyal and devoted daughter, one who would do anything for her family, anything except marry the suitor they’ve chosen for her. Using her poetic cunning, she schemes ways to convince her parents the man of her choice is a better match. The problem? The suitor is nothing if not perfect.


This is the love story of Jules and Leila, two poets who playact through life’s charade.

From second chance romances to mistaken identities, experience A Touch of Romance in this collection of one short novel and twelve bonus flash fiction pieces.

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Available Formats:

Courtship Romance: No physical intimacy, light kissing only, clean language, no angst.


Themes & Triggers: Multicultural couple

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Tropes: Arranged Marriage, Forbidden Love, Beta Hero, Friends to Lovers, Opposites Attract, Intellectual & Poetic Hero, Mischievous Twins as Supporting Characters


Romance Genre: Romantic Comedy

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2022 Swoony Award for Best Historical Romance of the Year Finalist

2022 Readers Favorite 5 Star Review Award

2022 Utopia Con Best Historical Romance of the Year Nominee


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Review Highlights

"The dialogue and prose are beautiful.  I enjoyed how the couple’s love of creative writing was fused into the plot. However, I loved how the poetry was flawlessly incorporated into the story giving Jules and Leila’s romance greater depth and emotion.  Every word, touch, and action was intentional and delivered with purpose.  The writing was exquisite.  I enjoyed the short flash fiction pieces as well.  Paullett Golden always gives a brilliant, romantic read that sparks the reader’s imagination and warms their heart.  I always eagerly await her books, and I am never disappointed."

-Jenna of Reading Rebel Reviews

"This is a truly delightful romance between two extraordinary, honorable, straightforward, and caring people. Being a romance novel, I KNEW the couple would end up with their HEA, but the author’s skill with words often had me doubting whether it would really happen. The writing is top-notch and intelligent and the plot is well-plotted and delivered. Filled with exceptional supporting characters and wonderful main characters, this book just has it all."

-Barbara of Flippin' Pages

"Without a doubt, Paullett Golden never fails to have me swooning over her sweet heroes. From the short and sweet bits of flash fiction (The Enigmatic Earl and The Governess were my favorites) to the short novel nestled inside this anthology. I need to mention how much I loved all the little bits of Persian culture and language that Golden wove into the story. Overall, A Touch of Romance was a heartwarming romance that had me swooning and appreciating poetry even if I didn’t catch all the metaphors and themes."

-Alana of Dream Come Review

"What follows is a tale filled with wit and humor as the two try to make Jules appear as the better of the two suitors. Included in this story are pieces of flash fiction, snippets of scenes forming a whole contained in a few words. Ms. Golden has the unique talent of taking everyday events and bringing her characters to life while building sensual tension and vulnerability without stooping to frivolous physical descriptions. She truly gives meaning to the words that 'less is more.' Paulett Golden has filled A Touch of Romance with such flourishing words and poetry that not only is the book a pleasure to read, but it is literary gold. The author successfully brings the characters to life through their creative and knowledgeable minds. The poetry used in the charades and the descriptions of what poems would sound like is captivating and inspiring. The author is a talented writer and possesses a keen mind to bring forth the appraisable attributes of characters through their thoughts, words, and actions. A skilled treasure on the Regency scene. A Touch of Romance is a clean read without profanity or sexual content. Indeed a story that will delight language connoisseurs."

-Delene of Readers Favorite

"The story is fun and has some good secondary characters and it is well-worth a read for fans of this genre."

-Rosie Amber of Rosie Amber Reviews

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