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A Sirens Novel Book 3
Available 2025

The Faux Marriage by Paullett Golden

The Faux Marriage

by Paullett Golden

On the run from her guardian and an arranged marriage, Siobhan Byrne sneaks aboard a ship bound for England. When caught as a stowaway, she claims herself the wife of one of the passengers, a man she’s never met.

Sir Roland Osborne, on a mission for the Crown, finds himself embroiled in potential scandal with a wife he doesn’t know he has.

This is the love story of Roland and Siobhan as they fake a marriage for personal gain with only love to lose.

Steam Level 1: No sexual intimacy or off-page intimacy only. 

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Tropes: Fake Relationship, Woman in Peril, Spy, Protector, Runaway Bride.

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