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Romantic Encounters: An Anthology (Book 1)

A Dash of Romance
by Paullett Golden


With quills and fantasies, they write their future.

Percival Randall lives an uncomplicated life of luxury, as he likes it. Not even an ultimatum requiring marriage can tip the scales. A conniving young lady who compromises his name to force a betrothal, however, is an impediment to happiness Percival must confront.

Abigail Walsley dreams of publishing novels rather than marrying dashing heroes. An unexpected proposal and a subsequent Banbury tale tumble her into a betrothal with a man she has never met. Following her dreams proves a challenge with a marriage of inconvenience on the horizon.


This is the love story of Percival and Abigail, two dreamers who write their love story one scene at a time.

From second chance romances to mistaken identities, experience A Dash of Romance in this collection of one short novel and fourteen bonus flash fiction pieces.

Available formats:

Courtship Romance: No physical intimacy, light kissing only, clean language, no angst.


Themes & Triggers: Brief reference to homosexuality and a former mistress

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Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Fake Engagement, Opposites Attract, Novelist Heroine, Village Setting, Roguish Hero, Forced Proximity


Romance Genre: Romantic Comedy

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2021 Readers Favorite Book Award 1st Place in Christian Historical Romance

2020 Readers Favorite 5 Star Award


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Review Highlights

"What a great new reading experience for me! I had never heard of Flash Fiction until this author mentioned it to me and it has been such a fun read. Evidently, there isn’t much of it in the romance world, so this is really unique – you should definitely give it a read. I loved this wonderfully entertaining and well-written story and I hope you will as well."

-Barbara of Flippin' Pages

"A Dash of Romance is a pure delight to read! ...such a pleasure to read. I recommend it for readers who enjoy a light read, but also one that is full of heart and wonderful characters, and will leave you with a smile."

-Rose of Roses are Blue

"Overall, the novel’s greatest strength is its steady, careful character development..... The author shows great creativity with these vignettes, particularly 'Midsummer,' about two lovers waiting to be reunited, and 'Haunted,' a gothic-horror–inspired tale of a romantic encounter. A charming, character-driven work that will appeal to 21st-century romantics."

-Kirkus Reviews

"Golden typically writes historical romance with a bit more angst and conflict but, A Dash of Romance takes a different direction from her enchantresses. It is the perfect storm of tropes to help readers escape from reality for a while with a lighthearted, perfectly sweet romance. Percival never failed to make me smile. I don’t think I can stress enough how much I enjoyed A Dash of Romance. Mr. B always knew when I was reading it because I had a goofy smile on my face instead of 'the typical neutral robot face' (this is romance, friends). Golden also includes some of the beloved newsletter flash-fiction! My favorites were Entangled, Candor, Persephone, Haunted, and Masquerade. If you are looking for a low-angst read with notes of Jane Austen, I am sure Percy and Abigail’s romance will enchant you!"

-Alana of Dream Come Review

"What I immediately noticed about A Dash of Romance by Paullette Golden is that she is several levels above your average author. Her writing depicts a plot that keeps the reader in suspense about how the characters can free themselves of an engagement without tarnishing their names. The storyline runs smoothly while it throws in flash fiction to show the reader a fictional view of what Abby perceives as a hero. The wit and humor between Abby and Percy is refreshing, causing the reader to laugh with them. I love the story within the story, and the advice column was clever. Overall, Paullette Golden guides her characters through intricate circumstances and mistaken identity. She constructed an engaging romance that holds your attention in their conflict."

-Peggy Jo of Readers Favorite

"I simply love this book. The storyline is simply, but great and once I fully jumped into to the book I could no put it down. The whole plot is fresh and different from other historical romances I’ve read. In addition to the full novel, there is short stories included in the book. I have to say love I love them all and I wish I could read all of them as full-length novels. I also simply love the art that was included in between the short stories. It somehow makes the book more entertaining and special, at least to me. All in all, I have to say, I think I have found a new favorite author to follow and I recommend this book to all fans of historical romance."

-Janna of All and Any Books

"Oh my goodness, I loved this book! Percy’s character is so great! I love his sarcasm, teasing, joking, caring personality. There were so many times I was smiling and laughing while reading this book. He has great comebacks. Abigail is also a great character. I love how she wants to be a writer, how she can stand on her own up against Percy. She is very caring and has a carefree side to her. I love how they work together. I loved the author’s writing style. Very easy to read and great flow. This is a great book and I definitely recommend."

-Melissa of Christian Books and Coffee

"I loved reading every trope-y second of it! Percival and Abigail had such playful chemistry that the book managed to somehow be dramatic, entertaining, and light at the same time. I can definitely imagine myself rereading this book over and over again as a comfort read."

-Jenny of JenJen Reviews

"As for the writing, the choice of words is precise, and immersive in that era and each situation. Plus, several sentences were fun and well-written. The characters are charming, lovable, hilarious, strong, clever, and multidimensional. I loved them dearly and even believed in them as though they’re real, which I bet in the author’s heart and mind is true as well as mine now that I’ve read this great book. Lastly, I curled up in bed with my Kobo every night and often told myself I’d read this book for fifteen minutes only because I was too tired… and each and every time I found it was an hour later!!! This is a huge compliment because usually I barely read for fifteen minutes when I’m that tired (and I have been exhausted these last weeks due to university and personal events) but this book had me hooked, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the moment."

-Catherine of Ad Librum Aeternam

"Though the book is called 'A dash of romance' - but there's a lot of romance from admiring each other silently to taking long routes just to spend more time together to realizing one's life purpose through the other to finally becoming a better person and the teasing camaraderie. It is a well-written and well-said story. I can simply sum it up as - LOVELY!"

-Sugar n Spice of The Vibrant Diaries

"She weaved romance and self-discovery perfectly together with a dash of humor that I loved." 

-Kelly of The Sassy Book Lover

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