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Jib Door

Opening the mysteries of the jib door

During the Georgian era, jib doors helped maintain the architectural features of each room. While a jib door may look like a secret or hidden door, it is intended to blend into the room’s décor rather than be truly hidden from view.

Jib doors are flush against the wall and often narrower than a regular door, aiding in the concealment. From panelling to wallpaper, a jib door will be disguised as part of the wall.

To maintain the blending, hinges are on the back. Instead of a handle on the front, it opens by a foot or hand release. They were most often used as servant access points, but could be used for any door needing to blend in.

Enjoy these peeks at jib doors:

The Peak of Chic's Mysterious Jib Door

Regency Redingote: Jib Doors Through the Regency

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