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The etiquette of mourning

Unlike in the Victorian era, the rules for mourning were not as strict as we might think. The family would forego formal entertainments during the full mourning period, such as balls, assemblies, dinner parties, etc., but their social obligations would otherwise remain as necessary.

The graphic shows some fast facts about mourning and the types of mourning, but these were adhered to far more in the Victorian era than in the Georgian era.

Women and men, as well as wealthy vs poor, addressed mourning differently, with men and the poor opting for a touch of black only, while women and the wealthy were expected to adhere to full mourning black followed by half mourning violet. How long the mourning lasted depended on the relation.

In strict households, a woman might find herself veiled head to toe in black and not seen outside her house for over a year, but in a more traditional household, a matte black dress would do along with a subdued social schedule.

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