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Types and quality of paper used in the Georgian era

The paper choices of the Georgian era weren’t what we’re accustomed to nowadays, not in terms of size, blend, or cost.

Of all the writing implements (except the pencil) paper was the most expensive. It was not sold by the sheet unless the purchaser was ordering specialty paper, which only the truly wealthy could afford. The sizes you would purchasing would not be our 8.5x11 rather they would be 16.5x13, and they would be sold by the ream or bale. Once purchased, you would then need to trim the paper yourself to meet your needs.

Given the expense of paper, the same sheet would likely be used again and again through crosswriting. One never wasted paper.

All paper was handmade, 100% rag wove.

Finding paper that worked with one’s ink was tricky, as one could purchase both only to discover the ink incompatible with the paper, such as it bleeding through, smearing, or blotting, thus making the writing illegible. The worst was when the acidity of the ink burned through thin paper.

Golden Romance Research: Writing Implements

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